Welcome to FirmScribe!

Here's what to do next.

1. Confirm Your Email

Check your inbox for a confirmation email, click the link, confirm your email address, and then click the “Start Setup” button.

2. Configure Capture Destination

Enter your journaling address. If you're just testing, or don't yet have your journaling address, click "Just Testing, Don't Send to Our Archive".

3. Add iMessage Users

Once you've finished following the setup prompts, add users using the email address that's tied to their iMessage/iCloud Account.

4. Users’ Authenticate

All added users will receive an email containing instructions of the step-by-step process of authenticating their iMessage/iCloud account.

5. Update Billing

To ensure uninterrupted iMessage capture, simply click on the link at the top of the admin panel to enter your payment details.

Please remember to do this within 14 days of setup.

6. Watch Your iMessages Roll In

Now you're compliant! Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your iMessages are captured, archived and secure.

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