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With over 50,000 iPhones onboarded, FirmScribe helps you comply with FINRA and SEC message archiving regulations.
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Seamless iMessage Capture



FirmScribe supports a secure, native user experience. Users keep their existing phone numbers and can text using the standard iMessage app.


We designed FirmScribe to make it easy for admins to use its robust features, like adding, removing, and tracking who is enrolled. 


All messages are sent to your existing archive, so it's super easy to review and analyze messages, ensuring you're SEC and FINRA-compliant.

The Only Way to Securely Archive iMessages

Intuitive Interface

The admin panel is straightforward and user-friendly, so it's easy to manage users and add, remove and track user enrollment.

Effective yet Simple

Users can continue using their iPhones as usual to send and receive iMessages and SMS with the native application. No need for a new number and no other app is required.

SEC and

Firms that don't archive their iMessages are at risk of being fined or shut down, which means implementing an archiving solution is a need to have, not just a nice to have.

Centralized Data Collection

We support some of the biggest names in compliance, making it easy for clients to centralize their data collection and seamlessly review iMessages along with other content.
Global Relay boasts over two decades of experience in providing industry-leading cloud archiving, compliance, and legal solutions tailored for financial and regulated organizations.
Proofpoint provides advanced protection by utilizing innovative cloud technology and a global intelligence platform that spans the most used communication channels.
Smarsh empowers businesses to focus on growth and innovation, backed by robust, cutting-edge solutions for seamless communication compliance management.
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