When (and When Not) to Use iMessage at Work

How one communicates in a work setting depends a whole lot on the context of what they’re talking about. Email is the classic standard for comms that are more formal or require additional resources or context. A platform like Slack is perfect for internal comms, especially when it's something quick or the conversation is moving at a fast pace. Similarly, texting is often the preferred method when you're on the go and you want to reach someone directly. 

Depending on what it is you're talking about, the platform you chat on can raise a slew of privacy flags. Especially if you work in a highly regulated industry like finance, the platform you communicate on may need to be a particular one for those messages to be archived and captured per FINRA and SEC guidelines. But that doesn't mean texting is necessarily off the table – it just means you have to do it right, and that might just be with iMessage.

The Pros and Cons of iMessage

Arguably the best reason to use iMessage is because of its increased security. Since iMessages are sent and received through Apple's encrypted servers and not regular cell towers, there is an extra layer of protection that traditional messages simply don't offer. You can also turn on Read Receipts with iMessage, so you can tell if someone has read your message or not. There are also no international charges since the messages are sent via WiFi rather than cell service, meaning businesses can communicate with their clients globally without any extra fees. 

Yet on the flip side, these advantages of using iMessage have similar disadvantages. For example, iMessage only works with other iPhones. And while it's great iMessage works off WiFi, if you’re not connected to WiFi, your iMessages will turn into traditional messages. Lastly, while iMessage is more secure, if you lose access to your iCloud account, it's nearly impossible to recover old messages – hence the importance of having a dedicated archive and capture system. 

So whether you're communicating within your team internally or reaching out to clients, iMessage stands out as an efficient platform for work and beyond. And with services like FirmScribe available, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards from FINRA and the SEC is easy. FirmScribe simplifies the process of archiving and capturing iMessages, ensuring that your communication practices remain compliant without added hassle.