Two Ways to Archive iMessages in Global Relay

Archiving iMessages is essential for many businesses, especially those in the financial sector, to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. Global Relay is a popular archiving solution, and FirmScribe is a powerful tool that can help you capture iMessages and integrate them seamlessly with Global Relay. In this blog post, we'll explore two different ways to archive iMessages in Global Relay using FirmScribe.

Method 1: Purchasing Additional "Capture" from Global Relay

Step 1: Contact Global Relay. To implement this approach, you'll first need to call Global Relay and purchase additional "capture" for the data type "SaferKid." Keep in mind that this method requires spending more money with Global Relay.

Step 2: Obtain SMTP API Keys Once you've purchased the additional "capture," Global Relay will provide you with "SMTP API Keys." You'll need these keys to integrate FirmScribe with Global Relay.

Step 3: Enter API Keys into FirmScribe You can either enter the SMTP API Keys into the FirmScribe platform yourself or email them to, and the FirmScribe team will add them to your account for you.

Method 2: Creating a New Email Account and Forwarding Messages

Step 1: Create a New Email Account. This approach involves creating a new email account in Office365 or any other email platform that you use.

Step 2: Provide Email Address to FirmScribe Enter the new email address into the FirmScribe dashboard or send it to

Step 3: Automatic Forwarding Every 4 hours, FirmScribe will forward the captured iMessages to the email address you provided. These messages will then be added to your Global Relay archive.

Advantages of Method 2:

  • Faster setup process
  • No need to purchase additional archiving from Global Relay

Both methods have their benefits, and the choice ultimately depends on your preferences and requirements. If you're looking for a faster setup process and want to avoid additional costs with Global Relay, Method 2 might be your better option. However, if you prefer a more direct integration with Global Relay, Method 1 is the way forward.

Regardless of which approach you choose, FirmScribe is here to help you capture iMessages and maintain compliance with ease. Visit to sign up for iMessage capture today!

About FirmScribe

FirmScribe Is a platform for regulated firms to instantly capture all iPhone text messages and send them to a complaint archive of choice satisfying FINRA and SEC guidelines.