Introducing FREE WhatsApp Capture

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of free WhatsApp capture for iMessage capture customers. This feature allows FirmScribe’s iMessage capture customers to also effortlessly archive and capture all messages exchanged on WhatsApp, ensuring comprehensive compliance and streamlined communication management, for no additional fee.

"Compared to iMessage capture, WhatsApp capture is so trivially easy we’re just throwing it in for free," said Jordan Richardson, CEO of FirmScribe. "Many of our iMessage customers have been asking for a WhatsApp solution. We’re happy to be able to give them one for free.”

With FirmScribe's free add-on solution, all WhatsApp threads are automatically captured through the native application, simplifying the compliance process for businesses across various regulated industries. From financial institutions to legal firms, organizations can now securely archive and retain WhatsApp messages with ease, safeguarding against regulatory risks and potential legal challenges.

Key features of FirmScribe's WhatsApp archiving include:

  • Seamless integration with native WhatsApp application
  • Automatic capture of all message threads
  • Secure and compliant forwarding of messages to preferred archive
  • User-friendly interface for setup

Stay ahead of compliance requirements and enhance communication governance with FirmScribe's WhatsApp archiving feature. For more information, Contact us today!