Avoid Compliance Gaps: Why Your Firm's iMessage Archiving Strategy Needs a Change

Dive into the intricate world of electronic communication oversight with Cheyenne Ehrlich, founder of FirmScribe, and Adam Smallman, Director of membership programs at PEI Group, in this must-watch video. Together, they unpack the nuances of iMessage compliance within the financial services sector, shedding light on the risks of non-compliance and the vital role of robust archiving systems. Aimed at financial professionals, compliance officers, and advisors, this discussion demystifies iMessage capture's necessity, showcases innovative solutions like FirmScribe, shares enforcement action insights, and outlines actionable steps to fortify your compliance strategy.

Crucial for those navigating the SEC and FINRA standards, expect real-world advice and practical approaches towards enhancing your firm's electronic communication oversight. Explore how FirmScribe's tailored suite can bolster your compliance journey and ensure regulatory requirements are met with ease. Don't let communication gaps jeopardize your firm's future—gain essential insights on iMessage archiving and step up your compliance game.